Degree Programs

The Faculty of Integrative Medicine offers the Master of Science (MS) program in Complementary & Alternative Medicine, including 2 fields of interest. Read more

Secondary Fields

M.Sc. students interested in pursuing a secondary field take graduate courses in a discipline, interdisciplinary area, or intellectually coherent subfield. The program offering the secondary field provides an intellectual rationale and outlines the package of courses required. Read more

Admission Requirements

You can find details of all track qualifications that we will accept in our program. Read more 




Tuition Fee

Program Fees will vary according to the program.  Read more 




Program Learning Outcome

The Program Learning Outcome (PLO) for delivering the academician in complementary and alternative medicine  Read more 



Curriculum Design


The interaction of Suk-Saiyasna remedy with GABAA and CB1 receptor-targeting drugs: Enhancing hypnotic and sedative effects in in vivo models
Comparing Treatment Efficacy of Court-type Traditional Thai Massage, Elastic Taping, and Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis: A Three-Armed Randomized Controlled Trial
Fabrication and characterization of polycaprolactone/cellulose acetate blended nanofiber mats containing sericin and fibroin for biomedical application
Fabrication and characteri […]
The Characteristic identification for controlling herbal materials in practical skills in Thai traditional pharmacy 1 subject
The Characteristic identif […]
The Effect of Gender and Age range Differences in older people on The Emotional Valence of Thai Words, Picture and Digitized Sounds
The Effect of Gender and A […]

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